Wait to renew your Gamestop Edge card

GameStop, Inc. As much as your Game Informer subscription cries and complains about how you’re on your last subscription and you must renew, resist the temptation to do so…
Until it expires. Then renew. Why?
I tried to renew twice in a row now, a month early for the Edge card with Gamestop. Both times, they have said that they would give me extra months and that it wouldn’t effect my subscription or my card, but both times I was ripped off a complete month because it wasn’t a “renewal” and instead it was like brand new subscription. This went for both the card, and the actual subscription to Game Informer.
This means that you lose a whole month every time you renew early, which punishes those that want to actually support the store in a timely fashion.
Caveat emptor. If you’re having conscious in renewing your cards early, think again. Just let the sucker die out and renew it the next time you’re in the store. Believe me, no one there will be the wiser about it and you won’t miss out on a whole month of savings that you could have had.
Out of curiosity, why couldn’t you just keep pumping money or subscription months into it from the web? A card number shouldn’t be difficult to set up into your e-stores and memberships. That way, there isn’t this whole renewal nonsense. Just sign up, and keep it steady at your own pace. Ehh.
And if you think I’m a little bitter? Just a tiny bit.
Disclaimer: I am a shareholder of Gamestop