The power of Twitter in a business environment

twitter_logo_s.png I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong.
Well, not completely. But I did finally over the course of the a year or so, start back on Twitter even though I had thought it to be a complete waste of my time. And from a personal standpoint, I still can’t see myself doing this if it wasn’t for my business. But from a marketing and customer service standpoint, Twitter allows me to touch base with not only a new market, but it also allows me to respond a lot more quickly to my clients. Something that only email could have done before.
Am I sold as far as this being the only virtual network out there from a business perspective? Of course not. Friendfeed, and a whole slew of other social networks allow for a new medium to run merchant services from. But when you operate a SaaS such as Merchant’s Mirror, being virtually online at almost real-time is imperative to both sales and support.

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