Operating system detection for software downloads is annoying

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Here’s the deal. I wanted to download Google Chrome. But the website detected that I was on MacOSX and wouldn’t allow me to download the Windows version (I had to change my user agent to download it). And for those that actually do use multiple operating systems, this is a huge hassle when there are no links to the other operating systems.
One website that does this very well however, is Mozilla. They actually detect your operating system, but provide a link on the bottom in case. I believe this is the ideal way to do this since there are many IT administrators out there that perhaps use one single primary system but actually support multiple systems can download the right software without having to think about it too much.
I think this is a problem of engineers that think too much like engineers and complicate even simple things. While I’m picking on the Chrome team a little bit, this is an issue dealing with many websites that I’ve had to deal with and a rather annoying problem.

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