Movie Review: Wanted

I had figured that this would be a neat action film, but I really didn’t anticipate the cheese factor. I mean seriously. An assassin movie couldn’t be that cheesy, could it?
But yet, it was. Terribly. The kid in it (McAvoy) is like a Tobey Maguire wanna-be. He does the stupidest types of things and in this case, you would almost think … how did a fraternity of assassins last this long, if they’re recruiting people like this kid? It’s just insanity.
In any case, what really threw this movie into the B-pile was at the end. Who the heck straps bombs to rats? And on top of that, more rats than you can count. I mean it truly was asinine and not very much like something Gibson (McAvoy) would do. In fact, the entire movie he was showing little to no patience for anything and if you ask me, strapping any sort of thing on anything live takes a lot of patience. Especially one that’s lethal.
Would I watch it again? Probably not. It wasn’t the worst movie that I’ve ever seen, but it definitely wasn’t one of the best. And the script made the movie look like it was trying to copy Matrix and throw in a few other things. It also threw in so much sexual themes randomly, that it was just amusing.
One critic has been noted to say:

“It looks as if it has been written by a committee of 13-year-old boys for whom penetrative sex is still only a rumour, and the resulting movie plays like a party political broadcast on behalf of the misogynist party”

If you’re looking to see some random sex type things and see Angelina Jolie’s naked backside, then I would definitely see Wanted. Otherwise, save your money.