Movie Review: The X-Files – I Want to Believe

This is one movie that you really want to talk about the nostalgia of nine seasons. I mean, seriously. That’s nine years of your life that you sat there waiting for Scully and Mulder to actually… get together.
And here you thought that the first movie they would have, but they almost kiss, and then BAM. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. And you thought, what a waste. Then the last two seasons, Mulder is never there so it basically went down the tubes from there. But this movie was supposed to tie it all together. Make everything pretty again.
Not. Don’t get me wrong, this was the same as movies made from television series where it’s just another long episode. But in this one, Scully was way thinner than previously, Mulder has a beard, and you’re wondering if they finally get it on. But we’re talking about actually seeing something. If you hate spoilers, stop right here.
Yes, I mean you. Stop reading. You’re going to cry. I know it. You know it. Everyone does.
For the rest of you, yes, Chris Carter threw this one in the trash. Doghouse. Whatever you want to call it. Outside of the fact that it was just a long episode (which don’t get me wrong, wasn’t a bad story line), there were many questions that were answered with quick resolutions. Like Mulder and Scully finally sleep together. Oh yes, you heard me. They do it. But here’s the thing, the fans would have wanted to see something, but no kiss. Nothing. Just suddenly, the movie cuts to them in bed together (after the fact). What the….
It was a pitiful end to a great series. Answered some of the questions and created a whole lot of others by making you wonder what the heck was Carter thinking. In the end, if you want to watch probably the finale of the X-Files series, then go right ahead and get The X-Files: I Want to Believe. You won’t want to believe what I saw. Or probably won’t care by the end like i did.