Movie Review: CJ7

This was a cute science fiction type comedy/drama about a little alien dog (CJ7) that finds its way to Earth into a poor construction worker and his little boy’s life.
Having seen the trailers for this, I figured that there would be a sad element to this which was somewhat predictable, contrary to Stephen Chow’s previous films. Xu Jiao’s acting as Dicky, was actually very well done and you forget almost right away that in reality, the character is actually played by a female. Somehow, I don’t think you could pull it off as well with American child actors/actresses.
Overall I found it to be a sad but cute film that definitely was out of the comfort zone of your usual Stephen Chow directing, but in fact was a very good film. I thoroughly enjoyed CJ7 and would definitely recommend it. Slight warning though. I watched this in Mandarin, so I really didn’t get a chance to hear it in other languages. Being as such, I can’t vouch for the English voice cast or if it suited the actual film or not.