Democrat governors want bailout too

The Financial Bailout

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It seems like the Democratic governors of five major states are asking for over $1 TRILLION dollars in federal assistance.
I mean, seriously? This bailout business is becoming ridiculous.
Here’s the thing. Governments are known to be the worst in budget spending. Thus, there’s a lot of inefficiency and fat that can be cut in both process and red tape. Obviously there are probably pet projects that can be cut also that are usually put in by people just as in the federal government there are “earmark” projects.
This just strikes a nasty chord with me on a personal level. For one, these governors are looking out for their coffers, rather than looking out for the raised taxes that everyone would have to pay. Sure, just pile on when the debt is spread out to the rest of the country, but I surely doubt they would have tried to pull this fast one if they could only go to their own state citizens for the money. Seems to me that corporate greed has filtered into our governments too where they’re looking for the taxpayer to bail them out.
And that’s just not good. We keep throwing money at a problem instead of fixing the actual problem. It goes back to why AIG can make the ridiculous claims it did after taking bailout money.
In the end as an Independent voter, this really annoys me. Mainly because we had voted out the Republican party on the federal level because of this type of behavior just to replace them with a different wolf in the same sheep’s clothing. And our little taxpayer’s house still keeps being threatened to be blown down.

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