Circuit City liquidation FAIL

Circuit City in Los Angeles, California

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So today I went out for a little bit.
And we decided to drop by Circuit City. I mean, let’s face it, the place never had great deals and was overpriced but I figured there might be a few things that weren’t picked over. I’ll also preface this with the fact that I had just come from their competition Best Buy just looking around.
So it’s supposed to be a liquidation, right? You would expect the stuff to be cheap. At least discounted to the point where it was less than any of their competitors.
Guess what.
It wasn’t. Not by a long shot. I mean, there were a few games and such that were but overall it was a joke. Anyone that stood in line there probably didn’t actually do price comparison at all. We actually took a look at PC games and at Bioshock. It cost $29.99 retail at Circuit City compared to Best Buy‘s price of $19.99. Even with the liquidation price, they couldn’t beat their competitor.
In fact, most things were inflated. I saw an indoor antenna that I probably would have picked up if it was cheap since it had a reverse-SMC connector. But I grabbed my phone to check the liquidation price against it and Amazon had it cheaper yet. I mean, seriously. Are you kidding? This is a liquidation, right?
It was an absolute joke and we laughed as we walked out of the store. Mainly because there were people buying HDTVs and the Sam’s Club right next door had the same for way cheaper.
Caveat emptor.

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