When teachers spout the PR of Microsoft…

109px-Tux-G2.png It’s really a sad thing when you think about the educators that aren’t “educated”. I personally have battled with similar types of situations before with school officials that didn’t understand what open source meant.
“No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful.”
What a misconception. If this middle school teacher bothered to even read the licensing on GPL and how linux works, then she would have known that there is plenty of free software out there. In fact, before there was even GPL or even linux itself, there was a software terminology written by those in the academics and eventually to computing hobbyists called “freeware”. Just like it sounds.
In this case, the only ignorant one here is that the educator who didn’t do her research before making herself look very bad to the thousands of people that read the Internet. A sad reality of being uninformed.
For those that don’t realize yet. Linux is open source.