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EPA launches its own wanted website

epa.gif Much like the FBI’s most wanted list, the EPA also has its own list of fugitives that are charged with environmental crimes and have probably fled.
A lot of these people seem to have committed crimes where they illegal stored tainted or didn’t go through the right measures to remove hazardous waste. Sounds like cutting corners doesn’t work, eh?
In any case, most likely they’re hoping that the site gives a place to have people turn in the ones that are committing these heinous environmental crimes that could possibly effect all the rest of us due to people not following the law and disposing of this type of waste in the right fashion. Yes, it is a a violation of the Federal Criminal Code to do these things.
EPA doesn’t have enough staff or budget it seems, but perhaps there will be some more vigilance now by environmental groups now that they have this list in a public form.

G4 lost all credit when they played Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Seriously. What the hell, G4?
Talk about losing any shred of credibility you had left. On the show, Movies that don’t suck, at 11PMEST of a Saturday, you played Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. I mean Pee Wee Herman? Come on. You’d be better off playing every single Van Damme movie or Segal flick before a Pee Wee Herman one. In fact, I’d much rather you played Bill & Ted’s.
While I couldn’t care less if this was showing under any other time under any other show, the title of the show was: Movies that Don’t Suck. And if you look at the line-up, most of the movies there are action flicks from the 80s all the way until a little more recently. But this one just didn’t fit the bill. Seriously.
What exactly where you guys thinking?

Movie Review: You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

This movie was absolutely hilarious. Probably one of the more funny Adam Sandler movies I’ve seen in a long time.
Zohan (Sandler) is part of Mossad, what is equivalent to the CIA in the United States. With obvious tribute to Bond, where the women are plain infactuated with the spy, Zohan also has the uncanny ability in impressing the opposite gender. But when he wants to retire and become a hair stylist and is laughed by his superiors and his parents, he fakes his death in pursuit of Phantom, and sneaks off in the cargohold of a plane to New York City to make his dream come true.
What he doesn’t realize is that the super-spy for the Palestinians, “Phantom” (Turturro), learns of him being alive and comes for him. Working as a hair stylist under the alias Scrappy Coco, Zohan pursues what is most important to him.
I found You Don’t Mess With the Zohan to not only be a refreshing comedy about stereotypes and how the Arab and Jewish communities view each other, but how they could work together to achieve a common goal. There are multiple running jokes in this movie that happen to stem from some really old SNL skits from back in the day.
Definitely one of those comedies that as long as you’re okay with the sexual references, this movie is a blast. Definitely one of Sandler’s better comedy films.

Auction websites shouldn’t be police sites

Tiffany’s is chasing down eBay in an appeals court for not following up with enough policing for counterfeit goods. However, the previous ruling was that eBay did remove any auction that Tiffany’s reported.
My personal thoughts are that eBay is in the right here. If you have trademarked goods, you’re the expert in what is right and wrong. Not the auction site. On top of that, there is no possible conception for the auction site to be a reasonable expert in “everything”. I mean, how is eBay to hire counterfeit experts? Are there people that are good at seeing everything as counterfeit?
It’s just a ridiculous request to make. If your trademark is being infringed, whether or not it’s explicit or implicit, it becomes your business to enforce your mark. Mediums like auction sites have to support the trademark holder, but in my opinion, I don’t believe that they should be the ones taking the responsibility off the trademark holder.
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One more reason to get Netflix: MacOSX streaming

Netflix, Inc. I love the streaming movies. I mean, it comes free with my Netflix subscription.
Mind you, that it’s a lot of the older stuff and not so much of the newer ones, but it’s still nice to catch Young Guns IIicon or some other movie on your browser. But for the longest time, there was only support for Windows due to the fact that there was no DRM that Netflix could wrap around the movie stream.
No longer is that true. As of today, MacOSX is now supported due to Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin. And that’s entirely awesome since that just increases the number of supported operating systems. I know there’s a linux version of Silverlight in the works, so perhaps in the near future, Netflix will also be able to stream to linux based computers.
Currently though, I’m a happy camper. This just became a huge value-add to having my subscription and made me an even more loyal customer.

Another year of Black Friday blues

While Black Friday has come and gone, I really couldn’t have cared less.
Don’t get me wrong. There were sales. Sales galore. But interestingly enough, everything that I was interested in for the holiday shopping season couldn’t be beat even with the doorbuster deals. And thus, it was a lazy Friday in getting out the door and catching up with some coffee. We had a great time, catching a movie and having dinner. Even bought a few things that we would have any other weekend. The sales just …. weren’t there.
Now, granted the 3% increase from last year as reported by ShopperTrak gave some good indications that it might not be as bad this year. But from my personal perspective, I was a lot better off online. No lines, no hassles, and the deals were far cheaper and better and I had the pleasure of sleeping in.
Could be just me, but the e-commerce realm is finally flexing its muscle when it comes to sales. The holiday creep and constant search for parking doesn’t have to be anymore with the mainstream arrival of Internet shopping. Let’s face it. Cyber Monday was only coined in 2005. I know it seems a long time ago, but it has only been three years. And yet, the giants of Internet retail were busting out deals that brick and mortar shops just couldn’t compete with. I saw the same Samsung 46″ 1080p LCD TV online for $699USD as a sale versus $999USD as a doorbuster elsewhere.
I’d actually love to know if next year will be the same. Because if so, it’ll just be another year of great sleep and rolling out of bed in your pajamas to point and click and wait for the nice UPS man to arrive with the Christmas presents. The holiday season isn’t over yet, but I’m thinking it’s going to be pretty relaxed this year.