One more reason to get Netflix: MacOSX streaming

Netflix, Inc. I love the streaming movies. I mean, it comes free with my Netflix subscription.
Mind you, that it’s a lot of the older stuff and not so much of the newer ones, but it’s still nice to catch Young Guns IIicon or some other movie on your browser. But for the longest time, there was only support for Windows due to the fact that there was no DRM that Netflix could wrap around the movie stream.
No longer is that true. As of today, MacOSX is now supported due to Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin. And that’s entirely awesome since that just increases the number of supported operating systems. I know there’s a linux version of Silverlight in the works, so perhaps in the near future, Netflix will also be able to stream to linux based computers.
Currently though, I’m a happy camper. This just became a huge value-add to having my subscription and made me an even more loyal customer.