Movie Review: You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

This movie was absolutely hilarious. Probably one of the more funny Adam Sandler movies I’ve seen in a long time.
Zohan (Sandler) is part of Mossad, what is equivalent to the CIA in the United States. With obvious tribute to Bond, where the women are plain infactuated with the spy, Zohan also has the uncanny ability in impressing the opposite gender. But when he wants to retire and become a hair stylist and is laughed by his superiors and his parents, he fakes his death in pursuit of Phantom, and sneaks off in the cargohold of a plane to New York City to make his dream come true.
What he doesn’t realize is that the super-spy for the Palestinians, “Phantom” (Turturro), learns of him being alive and comes for him. Working as a hair stylist under the alias Scrappy Coco, Zohan pursues what is most important to him.
I found You Don’t Mess With the Zohan to not only be a refreshing comedy about stereotypes and how the Arab and Jewish communities view each other, but how they could work together to achieve a common goal. There are multiple running jokes in this movie that happen to stem from some really old SNL skits from back in the day.
Definitely one of those comedies that as long as you’re okay with the sexual references, this movie is a blast. Definitely one of Sandler’s better comedy films.