Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda

No one ever likes being the kid that’s left out. Ever.
And this movie is totally about that particular kid and his dreams. Basically it’s a cute animation by Dreamworks SKG about a Panda that dreams about learning kung fu and fighting with the Furious Five. He has all of the action figures and is one of those dorky fans that knows everything but is still a nobody. Yet he is chosen to be the Dragon Warrior.
The Dragon Warrior is a person whom will defeat the main villain and save the land from … well, Tai Lung, whom was the Shifu’s prized pupil from long ago.
Crazy enough as it sounds, there are a lot of interesting little tidbits here that actually come straight from Chinese such as Oogway, in which is an old tortoise. It also is the literal meaning for turtle in Chinese. And so on, so forth. This was another one of those cute movies and I definitely would recommend Kung Fu Panda to anyone that has children or is looking for a fun animated film to watch.