MacOSX tip – Share your Internet connection

apple_logo.jpg If you’re looking to share your Internet connection, the Mac has this nifty really easy Internet sharing function.
Basically you go to your Apple logo then to System Preferences. Select Share.
Here, there are multiple items that you can share. Internet Sharing is one of them. Select that. There will now be a few choices. Select the input for your Internet. This would be where you’re getting the Internet from (wireless, ethernet, etc). Then select where it’s going. You can’t have the same device doing both, so if you’re sharing a wifi connection then you have to share via bluetooth or ethernet or something.
Either way, when you’re done with actual device selections, just click Share. It will basically allow other people to piggyback onto your connection without you having to do much of anything. Personally, it’s a great feature that I’ve used when I’ve been wanting to work on multiple systems for IT work but didn’t have enough ports to share on the switch. This gave me a great way to create temporary shared connections without having to do a whole lot of configuration.