gravatar.jpg Have been on WordPress 2.7 for a while now on one of the blogs I run and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how the heck there were some user profile pictures. I figured it was installed in the software somewhere, but didn’t see any documentation mentioning it.
So I asked a friend of mine if he knew of anything that I was missing. After all, I’ve been swamped with the crazy life of startups and my free time has been dedicated almost entirely to Merchant’s Mirror.
He replied: – it’s a centralized avatar system

Dang, and I missed out on this? Automattic, the people behind WordPress had come out with a global avatar system that basically is queried from their servers and hashed out by email addresses. So that you basically don’t have to upload your picture everywhere you go.
Brilliant idea, although it is another bit of traffic for your blog to get hit with if the user pictures aren’t cached somewhere. Outside of that, it’s actually pretty smooth. I like the idea of it and it definitely plays well as far as I can tell. And now, I have pretty pictures I can set up all over the WordPress arena without having to upload separately. Nice.
UPDATE (3:20PM): Sorry about that. TD pointed out that Automattic didn’t come out with Gravatar. They acquired them.