Movie Review: The Bank Job

There’s just something about Jason Statham’s acting in most action films and The Bank Job is no different. Based on a true story, with obvious some creative changes…it’s about a bank robbery that was quashed by the British government by what is referred to as a D-notice to protect a member of the royal family. It is believed that the protected was Princess Margaret, whom is named in the film, and had knack for getting into some compromising photos. These photos were in a box at Lloyd’s bank and there was an elaborate scheme built to hire some hooligans to break into the bank and steal the contents of that particular box.
Obviously nothing ever goes as it seems and the robbery became an amazing escape and recovery story where the parties are caught up in a twisted game of cat and mouse with MI5 in the midst of the entire thing.
What was amazing about this story was the actual Bonus features on the disc that talked about the 1971 Baker Street Robbery. There was actually a D-Notice served and the contents were never found out of the vault that was looted. Strangely enough, everything was just dropped. Many of the owners of the safety deposit boxes didn’t come forward to stake claim to their belongings for insurance purposes which makes one wonder if there were other illegal items besides the one in the black militant’s Michael X‘s box.
A wonderful story and definitely worth your time to watch if you have a couple hours to spare. Collector’s item it isn’t, at least not for my shelves, but to each their own. Definitely a fun movie though.