Movie Review: 88 Minutes

88 Minutes is one scary psychological thriller. In it, Pacino’s character basically is a profiler and had this one guy pinned for life behind bars. Yet, the entire time, that particular person claimed to be innocent. Then one day, he receives a phone call saying that he has 88 minutes to live. As the time ticks down, strange attempts on his life start occurring as people start to wonder if he had placed an innocent man away.
This movie was actually very much one of those twisty, turning type ones where the plot totally changes at the end. For the better in my opinion too. It wasn’t without predictability and if you have seen a lot of psychological thriller type movies, you’ll be able to guess spot on, whom the killer is pretty much somewhere mid-movie. But even that aside, it’s still a wonderful film and it didn’t take much to get me sucked in and watching it until the end. Pacino as always gives his characters a flair that more experience actors tend to do. Enjoyed it extremely and believe that you would be missing out if you didn’t rent this movie.