Journalist Bailout Program

logo-typepad.gif I found that SixApart indeed has a sense of humor when playing upon the whole “bailout” things going on with our economy.
What’s even more interesting is that they understand that finally, mainstream journalists are finally seeing the light of day, when it comes to social mediums. Many of them have finally signed on to Twitter, or Tumblr, or even Friendfeed for some. But none of them are taking the plunge into writing for writing and perhaps making some money on it. And that’s where they come in with the TypePad Journalist Bailout Program.
If you’ve got some mainstream media credentials, you get a TypePad Pro account for free, you’ll get promoted on, and you get enrolled in the SixApart Advertising program (affiliate programs anyone?)
They know that you love to write. But someone’s got to put food on the table. That someone is you. Now, perhaps you won’t make anything, but any bit of pennies is still more than empty pockets, right? So get your butts down to TypePad. This limited offer will end soon.