If Obama truly wants to change government

“Yes, we can.”
That’s been the motto of the Obama campaign and now the president-elect has put up a site called change.gov where his staff will update with new moves that will put the country in the right direction again. Hopefully.
But here’s a couple things he needs to do. First, it’d be nice if he put a timeline and status bar on his website. Like, we’re moving in this direction with this, that, or another policy that he’s promised during campaigning. Accountability is key, and that’s a step in the right direction in showing transparency. If he scraps an idea later on, hey, we’ll know why. Call me a cynic, but not all the plans are actually realistic.
With all the policies he wishes to enact, that money still has to come from somewhere. And why no one has told him about the GAO (U.S. Government Accountability Office). The problem however, is that GAO has no power over other agencies and only release reports of bloated spending and bad management of funds. In fact, Reader’s Digest did an entire piece that was based pretty much purely on GAO findings. If GAO was given more power to implement the nature of their findings working together with the Office of the Inspector General of each agency, then that would cut back a significant amount of money that could be used for something else. Don’t ask me why we as taxpayers are still paying for the storage of some satellite that will never be launched. To be perfectly honest, it’s ridiculous but I can also understand why it’s there. Someone didn’t want it to come down on their watch because they wouldn’t have gotten their promotion or what not. Pretty standard in the depths of top level government management.
Of course, Obama and his staff wouldn’t really listen to me. Who the hell am I? Not even a registered Democrat (nor do I want to be). But I do love this country, and I want to see it get better from all the turmoil it’s been put through. I’d like to see agencies actually comply with the FISMA security standards for once instead of spending all their budget talking about how they will comply with it. I wish that government would implement standards in their facilities much like those in the corporate world so that if you need to lock down proprietary or confidential information, then provide your employees with all the necessary utilities to do that (everything from locking desks to shredders). In the corporate world, we are actually subject to firing if violating these codes due to potential loss of data that could hurt the company. So should government.
Maybe at some point, someone will pass along some information and someone up top will hear. I’m glad he’s in office, but there’s still more work to be done. Especially to counter those like myself that have a healthy bit of cynicism for empty promises. Are you willing to stand behind your words? I suppose we’ll see with the next four years.
Photo Credit: (jmtimages)