British Airways “Terminal 5” commercial disturbing

I have to say that just recently I saw this commercial multiple times, and it frankly just disturbs me. The entire thing is shot with soothing music, and underwater creatures that just swim around until you find out they’re swimming inside an airport. The end of the commercial, you find that it’s actually Heathrow in London, but you don’t really understand what it’s about but you do know that British Airways is behind the commercial itself.
The idea of the marketing was to create a calm, soothing feel for Terminal 5, but in my opinion, any marketing that needs explanation is bad marketing. Here’s my entire issue with this commercial.
First, you never want to associate “underwater” with “airplane”. Ever. It’s not only a bad omen, but it just gives the wrong vibe. I mean, the immediate thought when I first realized this was an airline that was pushing this was… uhh… why would I fly you, now that I keep thinking about the ocean and a plane? That’s a scary thought and not one that you’d want your customers to associate themselves with.
The next is that there was never clear concept of what exactly they were talking about. Okay, so at the end, I see all this imagery of water inside Terminal 5 at Heathrow and I heard some pretty music. But the issue is that you don’t really understand that Terminal 5 is a new terminal at Heathrow nor do you realize that it’s pretty much entirely for BA. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s just not clear.
I don’t really care for the commercial. It’s very artistic and well executed, but from a marketing perspective, it just doesn’t deliver the message that it intends.