Apple Updates corrupted my Finder preferences

apple_logo.jpg Had a weird bug error today. After applying what was just a normal update that required a restart (for Safari no less), I lose my clock in my menu bar.
It was pure annoyance without a clock when you would go to System Preferences, set the clock to show and it wouldn’t show. Finally found out that apparently my preferences were corrupted for the Finder. Somehow or another, the updates upon restart had corrupted the Finder preferences and had basically thrown them into a tiffy.
To fix this extremely annoying problem, you need to hold Command+S on boot:

fsck -fy
mount -uw /
cd /Users/[user’s short name]/Library/Preferences

Good to know that there are people that have run across this. Something that I hope to rarely witness since it’s one of the many reasons I switched from a Windows PC to a Mac. But I’m happy it was a simple fix.