Amazon ended its price post guarantee?

If there was a super weepy face, I’d have it.
I had requested a price refund for the difference on an item, and they did actually give it to me, but they also told me that there wasn’t a price post-guarantee. I thought the customer service guy was out of his mind until I got fed up with not being able to find it in their Help section and did a little external research.
What I found was chilling. They had canceled the price post-guarantee as of September 1, 2008.
That’s really sad. Sad for consumers like myself that buy a whole lot from Amazon since it does take away some of their advantage of being that online giant that could provide me pretty much everything and some of my money back if I was paying attention.
Here’s to hoping that Amazon re-instates that policy sometime. It won’t stop me from shopping there at all since they still do have really good customer service and I adore Amazon Prime.
But I do feel sad that it’s gone though. (ToT)