Why doesn’t Facebook include a Flickr integration?

facebook.jpg flickr_logo_gamma.gif.v59899.14.gif While I love Facebook, there are some things that I have against the new design. Funny how a lot of people dislike the new design, but I actually find it a lot easier to use.
But no matter. The issue here is more of the Photos section. What bugs me is that while it’s great that they set up a new section, there are many of us that have used older and more established photo sites such as Flickr. Since I update my Flickr Pro account all the time, there’s not really a point for me to go and do the same in FB. So why doesn’t FB create an integral section that can either download via the Flickr API automatically, or have a tool that can integrate your Flickr account directly in?
From a person that has thousands of photos, I really don’t want to go and download and re-upload all of those, not to mention the hundreds of photographs that I upload to Flickr over the course of a year. There’s got to be an easier way to do these things, and yet there isn’t a tool that brings the two together in a seamless way. Not even the bookmarklet, Flickr2Facebook does the job correctly (since it’s not really made for browsers like Safari without a little hacking).
Very annoying. Devil is in the details, know what I mean?
For now, I’ll just deal with the fact that I can’t integrate my photographs. Facebook itself doesn’t have an API for direct integration without application use. In case you were wondering. So this would probably require FB themselves to actually write it in to make it a more viable solution.
Until then? No pictures for me on FB. Blech.