Why do people not abide by “No Left Turn” signage?

There’s a Sheetz on the corner of Hickory Tree Rd and Peters Creek Parkway that I have to drive much of the time. And right off of Hickory Tree Road is an entrance to the Sheetz that has a right turn inward, but a “no left turn” sign due to the fact that it’s too close to the intersection and could potentially block traffic.
There is an entrance farther up, but as it seems, it’s more of an inconvenience to most since no one bothers to read the sign. The one that says:
“No Left Turn”.
This annoys the hell out of me, when obviously this means that people for one, shouldn’t have drivers’ licenses if they can’t even abide by simple street signs. It’s not a suggestion when it says that you can’t left turn. Believe me. I’ve been pulled in other states for making a U-turn because I totally missed the signage. And it’s not like it’s hard to miss… it’s right in front of the entrance where you illegal take a left.
So what’s the deal? I have to mark it up to many drivers that just can’t seem to read. Maybe illiteracy has finally gotten to the point where even signage is effected. I surely hope not. I mean, the last thing I need is some bumpkin running a stop sign because they thought it was a “go” sign.
Annoyed? Dang straight. You would be too if some buffoon held up traffic because they couldn’t read.
Photo Credit: (TheTruthAbout…)