Mozilla Minefield runs circles around competition

Minefield001.jpg When I first read this, I had totally bypassed the entire ArsTechnica article over a month ago.
But finally getting a little time to actually test it out, I can tell you that I’ve basically taken to putting my “butt to the grindstone” and replaced BonEcho with Minefield. It’s not the smartest move, but I’ve always been a big alpha/beta tester even on production machines.
Currently, I can tell you that TraceMonkey (which is the re-engineered Javascript engine) is super fast. We’re talking like Ferrari versus a Pinto. The bad thing? Because it’s an alpha, most of the plugins are not supported on it yet. The only one seems to be DownloadStatus Bar from the list of many that I use. Which really stinks. Oh well, that’s the price you pay for first adopting things.
In any case, if you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do. It seriously makes my Safari look … old. Lucky for Safari, I usually run multiple browsers concurrently anyways. In any case. Go check out the new build. And strap on some safety belts because you’re going to get blown away.