Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk

I must say that Marvel Studios has just been pumping out the great movies based on their comic book heroes and it really shows.
With a whole bunch of great CG and story lines, they’ve actually made this version of Incredible Hulk a sight to be held. Of course, there is no comparison when it comes to the earlier version of Hulk by director Ang Lee, which turned an comic book hero into a drama that bored you to tears (I’ll confess that I actually fell asleep a couple times trying to watch that one).
Fortunately, Bruce Banner (Norton) and Betty (Tyler) will have none of it in this. There’s a little schnitzzle in the nizzle, but nothing too crazy. I think Iron Man probably had a little more gratuitous stuff that was non-needed. But in any case, this particular one is just action packed. And right when you think it’s going to be the end sequence, it goes on with a battle that rages for a good long while. And that’s just the bonus. Well, maybe not even that. Don’t forget to watch it completely to the end (no need to wait for end of credits, it’s before that) where there’s also a … well, you’ll see what I mean.
Overall, this movie totally blew me away. It was absolutely awesome and was totally in line with the movies that Marvel Studios is known for. I really can’t wait for 2011. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it. You’ll understand soon enough.