Movie Review: Street Kings

Street Kings is an interesting cop movie that’s actually been done over and over again. It’s been a while since this plot has been revisited so when I saw the movie, it was actually pretty good.
Basically, the premise is that Tom Ludlow (Reeves) is this alcoholic cop that basically can’t live with himself because his wife was killed. So he goes on insane streaks to “clean up the streets” regardless of law. His captain, Wander (Whitaker) basically cleans up after him and takes care of the paper work trail. But needless to say, he starts to find out that there is something fishy going on in the department when internal affairs starts snooping around.
Overall, this was basically a dirty cop type movie and what happens when a police officer doesn’t abide by the same laws that he enforces. The questioning of if there is justice when it’s righteous versus the laws that allow some bad guys to get away has always been one of those story arcs that is featured in movies and books. Overall, Street Kings was a great action flick and definitely worth your time to at least watch once. Personally, I’d probably put it in the same league as Assault on Precinct 13.