Movie Review: Mr. Brooks

When it comes to Kevin Costner, it’s sort of a hit and miss these days for his movies. I have to admit that ever since Waterworld (of which I didn’t find all that bad, but it sure wasn’t worth the budget that it cost), I really haven’t seen him in too many movies. Nothing spectacular at least.
Mr. Brooks definitely showed that the guy’s still got it. As a successful businessman, he’s got everything that anyone could ever want. But yet, there’s some sort of genetic disposition that has created a side of him that no one knows about. Marshall (William Hurt), is that other personality that functions independently almost like two people. What’s interesting is that Marshall knows that he’s a part of Brooks, but they still remain pretty separated. And Marshall has a lust for killing.
In any case, over the course of the film, you find that there are actually two or three different sub-storylines that are running at the same time. The plot twists and turns, unexpectedly, which definitely made me give it the full and undivided attention. Overall, both Brooks and Marshall were a sort of calculated psychopath type genius, somewhat similar to the Joker in Batman. Always thinking multiple moves ahead and even when in a bind, they are able to get out of it by reconfiguring their thoughts on the task at hand and playing it out.
If Costner’s hinting at the film being the first in the trilogy, then I would be happy to see what more is to come. Definitely one of those films that I didn’t expect that it would be so good, but very happy to know that it was better than I expected.