Movie Review: In Bruges

Definitely a more artsy film. Why? For one, it gets pretty deep into the non-PC type of commentary. The entire film is littered with them, along with pretty nasty stuff. Not a wonder that film critics liked it since it was definitely a bit more crude, but much more like real life than a happy-go-lucky side of life that movies often portray.
The overall story of In Bruges is about a first time contract killer, actually accidentally killing a little boy. So his employer sends him off to Bruges with his partner to “lay low” for a while.
The entire thing is a very dark comedy, of which started out a bit slow for my tastes but gradually got into the heart of the matter. I personally don’t care for Colin Farrell’s acting at all, so it was actually somewhat amusing to see him trying his hand at the “dejected, depressed, I want die” act. Personally, I actually like Brendan Gleeson’s character a lot more although … well, just watch the movie. You’ll see what happens.
Overall, In Bruges wouldn’t go too high on my list of re-watches but it definitely had a someone one-time appeal to it.