Movie Review: Forbidden Kingdom

I have to say that this movie is truly a kid’s movie. It’s got that cheesy Zathura type feel which isn’t bad…. but it’s something that you don’t really think about Jet Li doing. Jackie Chan on the other hand, definitely. The story arc is basically a spin on the whole Journey to the West story line.
I have to say that Jet Li as the monkey king is a bit far stretch for him. The part was more suited for someone like Jackie Chan. So when the monkey king was frozen in stone at the beginning, I was actually pretty happy. Later on, Jet Li appears again as another character (a fighting monk) that is looking for a way to free the monkey king. Jackie Chan’s character is the one that guides the young American boy through the land by teaching him kung fu and assisting him in finishing the Seeker’s quest.
The Forbidden Kingdom could have been a better movie in my opinion, but it was one of the teen type CG and wired action instead of what you’d really like to see like the things in Fearless. However, I did enjoy the film enough being that it brought the two major action stars together.