Is the Triad ready for loose leaf tea?

Tea Market I’ll have to say no. Not ready by any means.
Here’s the thing about it. Asian tea, especially loose leaf is a pretty high end, and low volume business. At least the really nice stuff that I’ve seen in Chinatown on the west coast. And we’re not talking about Chinese restaurant tea. This is the primo stuff. Stuff where a little bag can cost upwards of $100USD.
Now I don’t know if Tea Market in the Hanes Mall sells this type of tea or not, but judging by the asian markets around the Triad, I don’t have high hopes. Here, the restaurant business almost must be fusion or have hibachi to survive and few can do without. I still haven’t encountered an authentic Chinese food place although the few fusion places are actually close enough to make my mouth water without MSG.
I wish them all the business they can muster up and perhaps it might actually make good on changing my thoughts since personally I think that anyone that is trying to infuse the Triad with more Asian things really has some things going. Let me put it this way…. bubble tea, anyone? I remember briefly there was a stand in Hanes Mall, but the most successful operation currently would still have to be Phoenix Asian Cuisine. In any case, as of current, I just believe there to be enough Asians in the area to warrant a special tea place, nor if there are enough non-Asians that are willing to try loose leaf teas to make it worthwhile as a business venture.