Feds opened their mouth: Dow down again

dowdown.jpg As I’ve said before, Wall Street keeps looking for a safety net, and the Federal Reserve just can’t seem to understand that they’re the ones behind it all.
Seriously. QUIT CUTTING RATES. You’re really not helping matters. Take a look at the historical trend for the past year. If the feds say they’ll cut rates, the Dow drops. Why? Because analysts already predicted the move and thus it jumped previous to the announcement. Having been an investor since high school, I have to say that this is the one trend that you could practically bet on. Short now, and buy it back when feds say something. Anything.
I mean seriously, I wish someone would actually go and look at it. I bet hedge fund managers are just laughing until their brains come out their noses from the fact that no one can see this happening. In reality, the issue is that government really doesn’t let any plan settle in for a soak period. Due to that fact, usually emergency plans fail because they haven’t been tried for a long enough period.
Either way, the Dow Jones is down 74 points today. If this keeps going on, maybe I should turn in my degree in the technical field and buy a crystal ball and retire as a psychic. It seems to work for some people.