Democrats using directory assistance robocalls in North Carolina

directoryassistance.jpg Received a rather annoying robocall from Congressman Brad Miller (District 13 – NC) shilling for Obama. First, it was annoying because of two things. The first is that I know Brad Miller, and I actually like the guy, but this tactic was just pathetic and it interrupted my work since they called a “business” line.
But the second even peeved me off even more. The number that was calling came from Directory Assistance. Oh yes. (919) 555-1252. Now whether or not this was a spoofed number or not, whomever approved this should not only be fired, but thrown in jail.
Why? Well, for one. As a business, I shouldn’t be getting political calls since you interrupt my work for your speech? Call my house. If you bust up my work business, I should have the opportunity to charge you my hourly rate for screwing up my workflow. The second is that if you use directory assistance, then that’s just false advertising. Political calls shouldn’t be coming from here, and if you’re spoofing the caller ID, then you’re actually committing a crime. Interruption of business, is a big huge no-no.
Either way? Very disappointed that Miller’s staff allowed this to even happen. For shame, for shame.