American public gets screwed again with rescue plan

So it looks like the House passed the HR 1424 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (263-171).
And the American public, which indeed is outraged if you read the entirety of whom have all read the bill from front to back, or even the ones that have read the middle (particularly page 298 is pretty interesting), are wondering what exactly went on in the heads of those that actually make $169,300USD for not sticking up for the citizens’ wishes.
You can be sure that those that voted “Yes” to this has just lost this Independent’s vote. That would be both Howard Coble (R) and Elizabeth Dole (R) that represent my district. Funny thing that I actually voted for Coble before. i don’t particularly remember if I did for Libby Dole, but probably not since her office doesn’t seem to care about constituents unless you have a fat wallet.
Also, funny thing. How ironic that the US stock markets are plummeting since the vote. You would think that it wouldn’t, but it seems that those that have a bit of sense are getting out while it’s good. Have a feeling that those that actually understand some about global economics understand that we just put ourselves $700 billion in the hole and that in itself actually reduces the value of the dollar. Funny how debt can drive value down, you know?
Also amusingly, that no one bothered to read major online sources of news where anti-bailout sentiment was uniting both the left and the right. Websites sprung up in the last week where liberals and conservatives were putting aside their differences in politics and screaming at how the government doesn’t care. Indeed.
I’m also fairly amused that the Democrats voted in majority vote for this bailout plan, but I would be curious as to how many of them actually bothered to read the ridiculous earmarks and such that took the bill to where it was at today. It’s definitely a very sad day here. Mainly because as a whole, Main Street lost out to Wall Street and we now should realize where the American people stand in the eyes of those that represent them.
Photo Credit: (rin3y)