Why are pharmaceutical drugs these days not very safe?

It’s really strange but in the last decade or so, I’ve noticed that there are more and more pharma drug commercials on television. And for whatever reason, outside of all of the actors, actresses, and visions of sugar plum fairies and such, the fine print seems to be much worse.
Do drugs these days not come with severe side effects? I mean seriously. What’s most amusing is when you watch for a new medicine that is supposed to help with ulcers, and one of the side effects could be… making ulcers bleed. Or something horrible like that. Or some actually have said that there could be chance of stroke, when it’s heart medication. Or something similar.
But what REALLY gets me? Why is it that these drugs can’t be used on pregnant women if they’re so-called “safe”? Pretty much every single drug on television can’t be used by women in pregnancy. You would think that if your drug is indeed “safe”, then it should pass the pregnant women test.
In fact, that’s now my tell-tale sign that anything from television doesn’t go into my regimen of prescriptions to get from the doctor whenever I’m sick. Not that it happens all that often if ever, but it is pretty scary stuff. And we really shouldn’t have to put up with buying into all the peddling until you know that you don’t want to end up taking a chance at a heart attack so that you could help relieve some of the lung contractions from asthma.
Photo Credit: (sparktography)