Vote against Congressional Bailout Supporters

wethepeople.jpg You can guarantee with the latest news about the financial bailout where it seems that no one actually pays attention to what their constituents are saying…
Let’s be frank. We’re all cynical enough to know that Congress, those people that we voted in, don’t actually listen to a word the people that they represent. But you can be sure that I personally will be one vote more in standing in the way of their job in their next election if they supported the bailout.
Thus, there’s this:
A petition where those that support the bailout will indeed lose a vote.
And if there are enough people that actually sign this? You know that at least some of those in Congress will shiver in their boots. Let’s be frank. When you’re paid a little under $170 thousand dollars a year to work only ninety some odd days and complain about how you work too much and the average American works more and gets paid less than you do? You better dang well listen up to what they have to say.