Using tipjoy to tip those into your favor

tipjoy.png Tipjoy is a new Y-Connector startup that basically sets up tipping people for their work and content, instead of having people write content and if you enjoy it, to click their ads.
There are a lot of reasons why you should tip instead of click ads. The way of the Internet is changing. What’s also interesting is that you can tip as much or as little as you want (starting at a nickel). The way this works currently is that you can tip sites that are there or are not based on URL, or email or anything. So any site or person can technically get tipped. There are a few missing catches for this, but for the most part it works pretty well.
You pay through PayPal (minimum increments of $5.00USD) and right now, you can either donate your earnings to charity or buy an Amazon gift certificate with it. Currently the tipjoy team is working on trying to get past the legal issues so that you can also withdraw your money from the system.
I’ve personally run into a couple logic issues where I wish they were caught. It wasn’t “wrong” but more like it didn’t ask or set an upper limit with a catch. It’s also sort of weird that websites do not have their own tracker, but are tied directly into whomever verifies account. Outside of that? Very neat idea.