Treasury bailout the wrong solution

“肉包子打狗”. Literally, it means that using a meat bun to hit a dog.
So what does this Chinese proverb really mean? It means that when you have a problem (in this case like a mean dog), then you really shouldn’t use the wrong solution (using a meat bun which would have the opposite effect that it intended to have).
In the same situation, spending $700 billion USD taxpayer money is crazy talk. We’re not even talking about helping gain back lost jobs to overseas or actual economic impact. No, this money would be earmarked for bailing out the investment banks that made horrible decisions in sub-prime mortgages that were not regulated properly. All in all, the entire thing sounds greasy to me.
It’s funny that they want to push it through like it’s going to do something. What if the American public doesn’t want to spend $700 billion USD? Whatever happened to the tax-free money that was sent back to the public that was supposed to “bolster the economy?”
It’s interesting but it seems that we’re not all crazy about this. Apparently there are already protests forming in how this money is used.
Congress is now trying to do a “bi-partisan” plan. Sounds like it’s still going to cost us, the taxpayers, money for paying for people that can’t read the fine print. Still not good enough since we shouldn’t have to pay for corporate mistakes. Everyone has their own pains to deal with already day-to-day. As for me? I’m totally against the “meat bun”. Give me a big stick any day.
Photo Credit: (metalhead)