Traveling down thesixtyone

thesixtyone.jpg TD sent me an invite and I’ve been having this play ALL day long. I mean I seriously cannot believe the amount of decent indie music there is out there. What’s makes thesixtyone interesting and unique is that it’s there’s a social and voting system called “bumping”. You get rewarded for bumping new songs (to bring fresh songs to the top) but there’s also the regular vote type system.
If a song makes it to the homepage, then there’s more likelihood that you get more points if you “invested” points in the bump at the beginning. It’s a pretty well-thought out voting system. On top of that, they even play out a trophy type system that allows those of you with a bit of OCD to actually go nuts in trying to collect all of the trophies. Personally, I thought this was a great touch to the entire system since it solidified another thing to keep people’s attention on outside of just a music voting system (which has been done time and again).
This has got to be one of the more interesting services since it also incorporates Twitter, and Friendfeed, and it allows you to grow your artist selection by introducing many not-as-well-known musicians.
I think that this beta is actually pretty good as is for the user interface although there are a couple things that I would make more obvious like the invite friends/family to use (email invitation) since it’s sort of hidden on the main page on the right. Took a while for me to find that even though it should be pretty plainly marked, especially on your profile pages. Another thing is that the profile pages are a bit … well, not very well conformed. It takes a while to find the right things, that you expect to be in one spot, but they’re in another. The browse also doesn’t save to what you usually browse wise, which would be nice from a personal preference perspective. And if you want to show off your sixtyone badge? You can’t change the size of it to be smaller than 200 pixels across. Ick. Guess that’s why it’s a beta, eh?
Last of all, it’s interesting that most of the songs that you see on the front page are not always covers, but there are many of them that are. And somehow or another, I’d willing to bet that those cover songs are not licensed properly. Outside of that, this social network is the first of a music form that I’ve been getting really into since it beats the usual pop junk you hear on the radio.