Test your hue IQ

hueiq2.png Fun stuff. There’s this cute little test that checks if you can tell which hue is what. You’re given four bars ranging from one color to another, and the hues in the middle. The lower the score, the better your range of hues.
So a perfect score is scoring a zero.
Yes, I scored a “4”. Pretty neat. A couple friends have also taken this IQ test. Strangely enough though, I don’t know if this has any relevance but you know how men tend to like cooler colors, and women like warmer colors? So if you look at my scoring, I missed on warmer colors Download Squad’s writer, Lisa Hoover, that reviewed this site seemed to have missed more cooler colors. So if people miss stuff, I’d be curious to know if it falls into this categorization. Either way? It was an interesting ten minutes.