SuperAntiSpyware Free

IMGSASBoxSmallFree.gif In the age where it’s all about what you click on and being a bit more on top of the game and worrying some about identity theft and such, it’s never too late to apply a antispyware protection to your PC if you haven’t already.
Online Tech Tips has a more thorough review of the product, but overall, this application isn’t half bad when it comes to detection of threats and it’s fairly simple to use with an easy to use GUI. Reminds me somewhat of Spybot S&D which is the usual antispyware that comes to mind when I have to do any work.
Between the free version and the paid, is basically the scheduling of scans and real-time protection. Which means, you still have to manually launch the thing every time you want to check if you’ve been hooked by malware. But that’s not a bad feature to miss out on if you’re being thrifty. If you’re in need for a little protection from malware and spyware, SuperAntiSpyware might be it for you. For Windows.