Southern politics at Winston-Salem events

Another thing I noticed last night at Rock the Block.
The Democrats had this gigantic space that was rented out right on 4th Street. We’re talking like some serious office space. And you could look in there and see people were working. There were also people out in the crowds trying to shill for Kay Hagan and Beverly Perdue. Of which, I both dislike. The former has issues with blaming kids getting a hold of M-rated games with vendors instead of the parents, and the second has ties to current governor Easley. I had read somewhere that WS was a Triad headquarters for the Obama campaign, but maybe that’s incorrect. If that’s so, that would explain why they were right off 4th Street with a campaign office.
Of course, the Republicans were not as big of a force last night but they were there so it wasn’t a no-show. They had a booth over by the other vendors, and were a lot more mild mannered than the Dems that I could tell. Of course, they were also out-staffed almost six to one. Fortunately, if they did have someone out in the crowd handing out fliers, we didn’t encounter it. I would have had an issue with a push for Dole too.
Yeah, it’s going to be ugly this year for voting considering I dislike both candidates for representing NC in the Senate won’t it. Politics. Blech. Always seems to leave a terrible taste in my mouth whenever I think about them promising everything and accomplishing only a slim margin of what they promise their constituents.