Solaris: rebuilding hot swap drives

solaris.jpg For Solaris, when you hot swap drives in a server, sometimes it doesn’t autodetect itself. Yeah, I know. Annoying right?
Well for most of newer servers that use SCSI drives, you probably just have to run devfsadm as root. That should basically tell Solaris to check and look at which drives are where.
Unfortunately, some servers aren’t so easy. Such as the Enterprise E3500. This machine has fiber-channel drives and thus are more finicky. If devfsadm doesn’t work (and it probably will not), then you’ll need to add the drives in with luxadm. Unfortunately, there’s not an entirely easy way to do this. luxadm insert_device is one way to try it since it’s an interactive probe, but you still might need to know the syntax for the devices to actually add them in one by one.