Netflix should setup streaming subtitled content

Netflix, Inc. So far, I’ve not only had a Netflix for over four years now but I’ve also purchased one of the Roku players and often watch the streaming movies.
While this is great and all, there is one thing that the interface doesn’t allow and that’s the selection of different languages and subtitles. And that’s a huge pain. This is because, the current version of instant view actually only streams the English content with no subs. But there are a lot of anime selections along with foreign movies that are available on the set-top box. But you can’t access the correct choices that you would be able to from a DVD and whether or not the masters of the movies there can be made with subs and different languages is definitely one of the draw-backs.
I don’t see why not, having actually been able to locally stream a DVD audio and video tracks over a network through VLC, and being as such, I don’t see why Netflix couldn’t do the same.
While this is but an infant when it comes to free services, I have to say that I’m hoping that they’ve heard my plea and have already begun work on more content for streaming and more availability to how we watch the movies. I’m happy for now, but hear my plea! Subtitles and different languages, please!