Movie Review: The Scorpion King 2 – Rise of a Warrior

This story was about young Mathayus and before he became the Scorpion King. It goes into some of the details of why he ended up like he did and talks much about some of journeys he goes on to avenge his father’s death with a Greek and his childhood friend Layla. They go off to slay the Minotaur to retrieve the sword of … I believe it was Damascus? Either way, it was supposed to help him defeat Sargon, who had taken his father and had taken the crown in the mean time.
Over all, I found that the mythology storyline was actually pretty good. The CG was a little off kilter in today’s standards, but it was overall pretty decent. I thought the acting was a bit overdone and a little cheesy, but actors and actresses were pretty young so I didn’t expect as much. The Greek part especially played by Simon Quarterman was actually the best in my opinion.
They did have a UFC champion as Sargon (Randy Couture). Sorry, but this guy should stay fighting and stay out of films. There are some tough guys that can act, some that can do B-rated films, but this guy really doesn’t have it in him even for this. Personally, I find WWE superstars in a better role. Anyhow, I think that The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior was an alright movie in general, but I don’t think I would rent it again if I had a choice in it. Pretty much one of those one time deals.