Movie Review: The Art of War 2 – Betrayal

Boy, have the mighty have fallen. I enjoyed every Blade movie and pretty much everything that Snipes has done in the past, from Passenger 57 to U.S. Marshals. But he’s definitely had a few films that were sort of cheesy.
And The Art of War II: Betrayal is one of them in my opinion. It was about this entire political play where people were killed dispatched for this twisted plot of cat and mouse. Snipes, finding out that his sensei was murdered, basically sets out to find out who was behind it. Being a former spook, that explains why he could jump right back into the game and be able to kill people in all sorts of martial arts type moves (seen in many of his past movies).
While from an action perspective, it wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t the type of movie I would have seen in the theater (wow, there WAS a reason for this going straight to video!) The elite hacking group was supposedly the messiah of network intrusion, even for the spooks. But what was strange to me was that these guys were getting into things a bit too quickly, and if he was indeed the best of the best, then why was a DHS hacker able to trace him? That made absolutely no sense. Usually the best are that way because they understand how to cover their tracks.
Overall? It’s one of those movies where you might watch when there’s nothing else going on. Oh right. The reason it’s Art of War 2? They quoted one single line from the writings of Sun Tzu. Nice.