Movie Review: Reign Over Me

Isn’t it somewhat ironic that the review for this movie comes out the day after 9/11? On that day, many families were broken.
Adam Sandler’s character, Fineman, portrays a guy that lost everyone that he cared about in one fell swoop on that day. And that tears him apart. Being unable to communicate to anyone else, he bumps into Johnson (Don Cheadle), whom was his college roommate. Both men begin to hang out together and reigniting a brotherly camaraderie and confiding in each other things about their own lives that they couldn’t do with anyone else.
I knew from the get-go that this movie was going to be sad one, but there isn’t anything more touching that one that you can’t talk about and still weep over the scene itself. Yes, grown men do cry, and you’re cold hearted if a tear doesn’t come to your eye at a certain unnamed scene.
I must say that this was definitely one of those films that I thought I would like, but didn’t think I’d get into it enough to actually love it. But I do. For that single scene, this is one of those movies that will be added to my collection. If you’re just bundling up looking for a great movie to cry to with some superb acting, I would whole-heartedly recommend Reign Over Me. But if you think that this emasculates you, then I would probably avoid it since we all know that everyone’s capable of bawling like babies to the right moments.
As for me? I still get choked up with even talking about it. That’s how moved I was with this film. And it’s been a long time that I’ve been able to be that moved by either film or script in that mannerism. The last was probably, “Where the Red Fern Grows,” back when I was a mere teenager.