Movie Review: Felon

Interestingly enough, I had picked this movie to rent from Netflix mainly because it had Val Kilmer in it. Seemed like a decent enough movie, and wasn’t sure if chubbier and older Val still had it in him.
Go figure that Felon had me engrossed the entire time. Not that it hasn’t been overdone, since prison politics has been documented in both documentaries and countless number of films and television series. Remember the television show, Oz on HBO? Yeah. It’s been done.
But what was slightly different is that it’s been a while since there was one where the person that was going and doing time for killing an intruder to his home and the penal society and the differences to our everyday lives.
It’s a somewhat more simplistic view but it definitely gets it across that the “big house” has its own games that it plays. Eventually the pretty predictable twist is played out and the you feel all warm and fuzzy at the end.
Really, all I have to say here is… you go Val. You still got it. You still got it. Not one of the best actors in the world mind you (at least not in my opinion), but you can’t expect the world from a guy that got to get all cuddly with Elizabeth Shue in The Saint.