iTunes audiobooks just don’t play the same

Apple iTunes Audiobooks. One of the best little things that has been released secondary only to reading (no kidding, right?)
Yet, for whatever reason, the audiobooks that iTunes gets from Audible, are not the same as your average audiobook CDs. What do I mean? Well, in audiobook CDs, you can actually bookmark and move around a lot easier than Audible’s formatting. In fact, Audible’s thing is not even close to regular formatting since it breaks each section by chapters.
Now, somehow or another I doubt this is iTunes fault since they actually get the content from Audible. But why these audiobooks don’t actually follow the same formatting as audio CDs is beyond me. It wouldn’t take too much to break it down similarly and allow the breakdowns to be in the same format. So why Audible does it the way it does? Beyond me.
Will I still buy them? Sure thing. Still probably the cheapest out there and it works with portable music device. But the question that escapes me still is why it doesn’t take care of such a simple thing as conforming to a standard.