GiftGirl working on the clueless guys of the world

giftgirl.jpg I have to say that when I saw this website go up a while back, I really didn’t have any inkling of want to actually review it. It wasn’t until after yesterday, a buddy of mine asked me to take a look at it after he looked was doing a little searching himself for his 19th anniversary (happy anniversary, man!)
I have to say that from the get-go, while I understood what the site was trying to do, I didn’t like the absolute boundaries that it carried as far as understanding “women” in general. The site itself was more earmarked for a certain type of personality type and women that happened to like spa treatments, clothes, shoes, bags, and expensive jewelry. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t think of anyone that would pay $200USD for a consultation on gift giving. But maybe there’s a market out there, since the team there said that consultants charge even more than that. Just surprised after all, since middle class working people don’t tend to drop $200 for a consultation. That’s more like an expensive gift.
But again, I digress. The site itself was targeting the clueless men in the world that don’t know what to get their special someone. Knowing many of these guys, I would say that there’s something definitely here as far as a business model and even a target audience, but I think it’s missing the mark as I pointed out time and again with Mike Pratt, whom I believe is the CTO of the the corporation. Pretty interesting conversation and definitely good to see where they’re going with the product and why. I wrote a lot more in the comment thread there, so definitely read it for full value since regurgitating it here would just be wasteful. And hopefully some of the suggestions that I gave helped.
I did find him going on the defensive even though everything TD said was pretty much on the mark too. How people find sarcasm in text is beyond me, especially if they only read one single post and commentary. Text is a blunt instrument. No offense there, Mike. Just pointing out what I saw in the whole thing.
Mike was actually extremely cordial with myself though, and answered all of my questions although I’m hesitant to say that he understands why I told him to simplify the interface even further if it’s for men and why I thought the gifts needed a lot more diversification (I just found that the gifts, while nice, were kind of aimed directly at the same type of girls in “Sex in the City”). That was my entire issue with the site. It seemed to target one single personality type that fit the all of the presets and ran with a totally different crowd.
This particular niche is definitely a ginormous help with many men. Truthfully, I really think that there’s more to it and if you have troubles buying your woman a gift then you might have some deeper issues with your relationship than you realize. But even so, I believe that GiftGirl actually does fulfill a basic need. My hopes is that at some point they do figure it out for more middle-class rather than more upper crust (scarily, I’d hate to think of what guy would need help with buying gifts in the $5000+ range).
Myself? Hopefully if they actually implement some of my ideas, I’d love to hear some feedback or get some acknowledgement. For now, the site isn’t for me since I know what my darling girl likes and loves, but for those that don’t know… it’s definitely a good starting point. Heck, it couldn’t be worse off for you starting here than where you are now, right?